Terms & Conditions


New bookings: Please allow 24 hours for your booking to be processed. You will receive a confirmation email detailing the date of your visit/s shortly. For bookings received during the night or over the weekend your booking will be confirmed on the next working day. We operate across London and your building will have a specific cleaning day each week. We will confirm the specific date/s of your visit/s in your confirmation email. We operate between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and cannot guarantee the time of day of your visit/s.


Cancellations: A booking is confirmed upon payment. To cancel a booking, hps requires 5 working days’ notice. For multi service visits, the cancellation period for a refund is no less than 5 days prior to the initial visit. After the initial visit, the booking cannot be cancelled.


Missed Visit: You must inform your reception desk prior to our arrival. Failure to do so could result in a missed visit. In some buildings, you will also be required to leave your room key with reception for us to collect. This will be detailed in your confirmation email. Should we arrive at your building and not be able to access your room, you will be charged for the visit in full.


Fair Play Policy: HPS will attend to perform the clean booked by the client. HPS may at any time reject the booking if the state of the room does not reflect the booking made. You will be charged in full for a rejected booking.